How to Post on Facebook

Everyone knows that Facebook is the number one social network. It seems that every company in the United States knows this since they also seem to have their own Facebook pages. The truth is that simply having a Facebook page is not enough.

Social Media Mistakes can Hurt!

Always take time to investigate and research any new promotions or marketing initiatives before starting your implementation.   Skipping research can result in a simple oversight, or a complete meltdown! Consider this example:

What is Penguin - Googles Algorithm Update

Google's Penguin UpdatePenguin is Google’s algorithm update affected about 20% of all websites indexed on Google’s search engine when it released in February 2012. Google’s head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, insists that this update was not a penalty, rather an algorithm update that was released to make their search results more reliable for its users. Websites that got hit were known for keyword-stuffing and over-optimizing your website – basically who had bad, spammy content. And that’s why we actually love Penguin at Web Resource Management. None of clients got hit by the Penguin update, because our client’s content is real and unique – we don’t scrape off of other sites and the content is specific to each page’s topic.

Google+ Goes Local

Today, May 30, 2012, Google+ is rolling out Google+ Local. This Google+ upgrade will further empower regional, smaller, and local businesses to have more control over their brand and local marketing efforts.

Link Building after Penguin

The Panda and Penguin updates are collectively a huge step in systematically improving the quality of the internet.  If you unaware of Panda and Penguin updates or you have employed an agency that guarantees a first page ranking in Google’s search results, then you need to read this. Actually you need to fire your SEO agency first, and then read this.


10 Ways to Prevent Web Site Success

Designing a web site for your company is the most important component of establishing your companies digital brand identity.   Unfortunately most of the focus is usually on the flash and pop instead of the functionality of the site.  This is a big mistake.  The success of a web site is really be determined bycontent and the users experience.

The Long Tail: The Myriad of Search Queries

To start this blog post off, I’d like to talk about DJs, and more specifically, sampling. For decades, disc jockeys have been masters of collage, putting together different songs and sounds to produce an originial piece of music.

Google’s Webspam Update: Closing the Door on Webspam

Last month  at SXSW Google’s Matt Cutts alluded to the next Panda update which would penalize overly SEO’d sites.  As Google deployed its Webspam update this week, we are discovering this week that was not exactly true.

Getting Ready for Google's Over-Optimization Penalty

Google SEOGoogle’s chief head of SEO issues, Matt Cutts, recently made an announcement that Google would begin testing and implementing a new algorithm that would penalize overly-optimized Web pages. Anytime Google makes a change in its algorithm, SEOs can’t afford to not react to that. This time, the update is just as vague as any other but is certainly more monumental.

Is your business ready for Pinterest?

Of course you have heard of Pinterest!  It is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, and is now the third largest overall.  Currently Pinterest  is the hottest social media platform.   It has a clean design, is simple to use, and is a bit addictive once you get started.