Social Media Tips & Tricks

Facebook Tips

With over 800 million users, and growing, Facebook is simply the largest social network.  It is so simple that your grandmother may even have a profile.  If you are only going to have one social media profile, make it Facebook!  Here are some tips to make the most of your Facebook page:


  1. Use Facebook as your communication hub. Facebook makes it simple to interact with your customers by integrating your email, messaging, and your wall.  By linking your other social media accounts, you can share your posts on other social media outlets such as Twitter.
  2. Think of your Facebook page as the public relations and customer service face of your company.  This is a great resource to get instant feedback from customers.  Acknowledge and affirm fan’s comments on your wall, especially any negative feedback.  Avoid online arguments at any cost!  Make your customers and critics feel appreciated and your fan base will grow exponentially.
  3. Post information and stories about your company, products, and services that will interest and engage your fan base.  Remember your posts are visible on your page and you fan’s pages.
  4. Add Fans. The more fans your Facebook page has, the more popular your Facebook page (and business) will be. Use the Like Box widget to attract and gain Likes from your web site and other social media profiles. As your page grows in popularity it will attract new “Likes” even faster.
  5. Show some personality!  Help your customer identify with what makes your company unique! Upload photos of your business, products, services, contest winners, special events, sponsorships, and employees.
  6. Get a custom banner.  Invest the time or money into creating a custom banner for your Facebook page.  It will set your business apart from the norm.
  7. Search Engines.  Facebook pages rank well with search engines.  Use back links to your web page to boost its ranking as well.
  8. Promote yourself! There is no better place to promote specials, sales, new products, or locations.  Your fans want to hear about your business!

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Pinterest Tips

Pinterest is the popular social media service right now.  It has become the third largest social media service in under one year.   Its simple interface and viral nature have enable businesses to generate substantially more traffic from Pinterest then other more established social media services.



  1. Pinterest does not have brand pages, but you can set up an individual account and treat it like a brand page.  Enter company and contact information in the bio.
  2. Upload a company avatar.  It is considered a best practice to have the same avatar across all business social media platforms.  This establishes consistency across services and reinforces your brand.


  1. Keep it simple.  Make sure your boards are clearly labeled and organized.  Remember your products are the focus.
  2. Make sure each product has a clear photo with a good product description.
  3. Each photo needs a DoFollow link back to your site.   This will boost site traffic, your site ranking, and ultimately your sales.


  1. Include #Hashtags in your product descriptions.  Hash tags work in Pinterest just like they work in Twitter.  Since Pinterest is more visual than Twitter, and most people do not realize that Pinterest supports hashtags, hashtags may not yet be as effective in Pinterest.
  2. Cross promote your Pinterest profile on your other social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, and website.
  3. Add a Pinterest “Pin it” button on your web site to encourage customers to pin your products on their own.
  4. Start following other big name brands in your industry.  This is the same tactic that has proved effective in Twitter.
  5. Promote more than just your products!  How about other products or ideas that inspire you, charitable organizations, or anything else that interests you.  Just remember this represents your company so keep it appropriate.
  6. Engage customers:
    • Crowdsource your marketing!  Allow customers shoe their love for your products by allowing them to pin their own images of to a specified board.  This would be a great contest idea!  The biggest down side to allowing customers to pin to one of your boards is that each customer (who wishes to pin on your board) must be given explicit rights to do so.
    • Establish a Feed back group.  Post photos of new products and solicit feedback from your customers.

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YouTube Tips

YouTube enables each one of us the platform to share ideas and stories with the world!  With almost 500 million users, YouTube has tremendous reach second only to Facebook.


  1. Make short videos about topics that are useful to the viewer. For example: Lawyers can offer videos on “What to Expect in a Court Room,” or “How to Incorporate Your Business” or “How not to Act in a Dispute,” etc. Companies selling products, such as Blenders” can offer “how to operate” videos and “how to make the perfect smoothies” – even asking customers to submit their favorite drink or smoothie recipes. Post these videos on your website as well as on YouTube. Invite YouTube viewers to visit your entire “How to” videos back on your website.
  2. Tag all of your videos with the appropriate keyword phrases that make your video easily found. What are tags? These are your keywords – example for “Incorporate a Business”: incorporation tips, corporation papers, start a business, corporation forms, business forms, etc. Then always provide an invitation to learn more at your website, and link that video straight to that Corporation or Business section.
  3. Low quality is okay! Have you seen those videos? You don’t need to make a big production out of this. User a store-bought Handycam or even a digital camera with video capability. But keep it short! People have the attention span of a gnat, so less than 2 minutes is preferable.
  4. Add some humorit’s always the funniest videos that get sent around the fastest. This doesn’t mean that you are unprofessional, just be creative in delivery.
  5. Get Rated! Ask friends and co-workers, even customers, to watch your YouTube videos to rate them. The more highly rated videos get displayed first.
  6. Forward to a Friend - Allow your videos to be sent to friends through YouTube. The more popular videos get displayed first.
  7. Upload multiple file formats so more people can see it. The accepted formats are .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG.

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